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    One site I have is kind of “old school”, where there are pages for specific topic’s content. However, I would love to be able to populate the content of those pages with Posts.

    For example, say I have three pages (1) This (2) That (3) Other. If I enter a post with the Category of “That” then I’d like the post to appear on the “That” page. If I enter a post with both categories “This” and “Other” selected then I’d like the post to appear on both the “This” page and the “Other” page.

    Is this possible and if so then what method would you recommend? I’d appreciate any instructions or links to another thread or site where this is covered.

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    Kenneth John Odle


    WordPress has this built in: just use the category archive. You can style it using custom CSS.



    Thank you. I will search for this feature. I didn’t realize you could archive posts to different pages.

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    Okay. I’m not getting it.

    I see where I can copy and modify my category.php file. I’ve created category-this.php, category-that.php, and category-other.php files. (Or does it need to be the ID number, such as category-1.php, category-2.php, and category-3.php? If so, where do I find the ID number other than looking into the database?)

    Anyway, when I go to create a new page for the site, how do I indicate this new template is to be used? I do not see it in the list of templates that can be selected.

    I’d appreciate any help on what I’m missing.




    Kenneth John Odle


    No, you don’t need to alter or copy any theme files at all.

    Edit a post, and assign it to a category. When you publish it, it will be in that category, which will appear near the top of that post. Just click on the category and it will take you to the category archive.

    Read this on the codex:

    and go here to see an example of a category on my blog:

    The category is “computers”, and the child category is “wordpress-tutorials”. Very handy to be able to nest categories in this way.



    Ah, yes, this I know about. It is not at all what I need to accomplish. My apologies for not describing my need clearly. Let me try again to describe what I’m trying to accomplish.

    For example, I have the following five pages in my menu: Home, This, That, Other, About. Home and About are static pages. This, That, and Other I would like to be dynamic. Also, “That” has children: Red and Blue. Red has a children Pink and Orange. Red, Blue, Pink, and Orange I also need to be dynamic.

    When I look at my pages widget then I see the following:









    When a site visitor navigates to the “Orange” page, I need them to see any post I’ve made that has the Category of Orange. If I assign a post the categories of “This” and “Pink” then I need anyone that navigates to the “This” page or the “Pink” page to see the post.

    I do not know how to accomplish this.

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    Kenneth John Odle


    I think you need to use a custom menu, and then add the category archives to your menu. See this tutorial if you need to:

    If not, send us a link to look at.



    I used to work with WP quite awhile back. Custom Menus will get me there if I absolutely have to use them. But here are the disadvantages:

    • If I add a category then I need to manually update two custom menus, one for the menu bar and a second for the widget ‘page’ navigation.
    • Sticky posts don’t work when used this way. Stickies only display at the top of regular ‘post’ pages (unless there is something else I’m forgetting). If I want ‘static’ content at the top of my pages, which I do, then after every post I would have to navigate to every post I want to be a sticky for that category and give it a date/time stamp that is more current than the last post.
    • Even with manipulating dates on certain posts so that they remain at the top of a given category page, they still look like posts. I would rather they look like static text.

    So I could use Custom Menus, but they really won’t do what I want; especially in the form of appearance (static text at the top of a page).

    I was thinking there was a simple way to either make template page or add a shortcode to a static page that would allow posts with defined category(ies) &/or tag(s) to be displayed on the page. But for the life of me I’m not finding how to do it.

    Thanks again,




    Ah, found it! I didn’t remember that using shortcodes either had to be built or placed by a plugin. I found the Display Posts Shortcode that does exactly what I need.

    Thanks for the tips. They have helped me re-acquaint myself with WP and I do very much like the Graphene theme.

    Thanks again,



    Syahir Hakim


    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.

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