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    Is there a way I can create more than one blogging page in a single Graphene template website? My site currently allows only a single blog page, with the rest being static. But I have three related but separate topics I would like have blogs on three different pages in the same site — that is, one page will deal with Global Military topics, the next page will deal with Global Crime topics, and the third blogging page deals with Global Power topics (i.e. global politics, diplomacy and power projection as influenced by the first two main topics.) I guess it is obvious I am a WordPress novice, let alone Graphene novice.


    Kenneth John Odle

    I guess it is obvious I am a WordPress novice

    Yes, because you are confusing posts with pages with blogs. (Don’t use the word “static” either—WP isn’t static.)

    At any rate, I think what you are looking for are categories. Try reading this to see if it’s what you’re trying to sort out:

    This will probably clear up some issues for you, as well:

    WordPress has a lot of features and it is confusing when you are just starting out. If these aren’t the droids you’re lookin for, just let us know.

    Also, it’s always a good idea (as well as a forum rule) to include a link to your site.



    I apologize for mixing up “posts” and “pages.” Need to get my vernacular right. However, let me try again to explain my original question better.

    The Graphene Theme I have chosen has a seires of click buttons to navigate through the site. The “DEFCON1” button is essentially the home page. Then there are three buttons titled “Global Military,” “Global Crime,” and “Global Power.” At the moment when I add a new POST it appears on the Global Military… well, post area. (I dare not call it a “page.”)

    What I want to be able to do is have a separate series of posts appear on the link for GLOBAL CRIME and yet another separate series of posts to appear on the link GLOBAL POWER.

    I read the categories info from the links you provided, and created new categories, however even if I check the Global Power category box and then do a new post, that post appears with the Global Military posts.

    I cannot figure out how to route my posts so they appear under the different button links. Does this make sense or have I confused everyone even more about what I am trying to accomplish?

    See my site at:

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