Multilevel menu: Why do I need to click twice on a first level menu item?

  • WinfriedH


    Hi there,

    I have Franz Josef theme in work on and I like it very much except the fact, that users need to click on the menu items to see the levels below and that they need to click a second time on the first level item to navigate to the page linked to.

    Is there an opportunity to do a tweak to get the first level in the menu working on the first click?

    In another thread you told the user that you did not add the “hovering feature” because “hovering does not work on mobile devices” …

    Yes, that’s correct, but other great themes allow hovering on PCs and Laptops.

    And these themes work on mobile devices, too.

    On mobile devices we should use mobile menus and not the ones used on big screens …

    Thank you very much in advance for an advice how to get the first level links linking on first click.


    Syahir Hakim


    Thanks for the feedback. We’ll be adding this feature in the next theme update, version 1.6.



    Hello there Syahir,

    Thank you for your reply and the information.

    When do you plan to release version 1.6?

    I very look forward to that.

    Thank you in advance for another reply.

    Best regards



    Syahir Hakim


    Franz Josef 1.6 has already been submitted to the team for review. Shouldn’t be long before it is available for update.



    Hi there,

    Just a minute ago I updated to version 1.6.


    Great guys you are!

    Thank you!



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