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    hi, i just switched to this theme 2 days ago. set up the featured images for the slider and adsense, etc. a solid and good theme. thank you. one problem i am having is that my posts on the home page just below the slider show in their entirety and they are long. i noticed in the demo, you just show the opening few paragraphs and have pages 1 2 3 … etc for each post. if i pick a category i see that it shows the opening part and then truncates it with more >>>. how do you set up the multi-page option for the posts on home page? thank you.



    another question, i noticed some font settings for the headers etc. but how do i change the font for the header in the slider which is a bigger different font than the others? thanks.


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi farshidk,

    Firstly, this issue is also discussed in this post:

    What you are trying to achieve is basically to have the theme displays the post’s excerpt instead of the full content truncated by the More link on the front page. Displaying the excerpt on the front page is really not recommended, as the excerpt removes all formatting and images.

    Use the <!--more--> tag instead to control where in the post the More link will be displayed.

    To divide a post into pages, you need to add the <!--nextpage--> into the post, using the HTML view when editing by the post. Each time you add the <!--nextpage-->, WordPress will divide the post into a new page, so you can put the tag and divide your post into as many pages as you want.

    As to the other question, currently the only way to change the font for the header in the slider is by using a child theme and adding CSS codes to modify the style.



    syahir, thanks for the thorough response. i used <!–more–> and it works great. best.

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