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    Some time back, I wrestled with whether to use posts or pages for multi-“page” articles. I went with posts, used postMash and Ambrosite next/previous plug in for navigation. It works well but I don’t like ending up with 5000 posts eventually for multi post articles. If I can’t group them all in some way that makes sense, it will be unweildy. Same with pages of course.

    I want to experiment with parent pages/sub pages for multi page articles. So for example this one is using posts:

    And the navigation at the bottom is good.

    But if I want to do it as pages rather than posts, is the best way:

    1. Parent page > sub pages

    2. Which navigation plug in is best, like WP Navi? If I want to be able to control/link the navigation pages easily?

    3. Can you make categories and sub categories, so that say a series of articles can all be in one category, but the article itself would be a parent page > sub pages in it’s own sub-category?

    I’m trying to wrap my brain around the best way to create multi page articles as I’ll have hundreds of them coming up and I want to be able to organize/manage them effectively.

    Thanks in advance for any help thinking this through.


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