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  • Dafne


    Hello syahir, firstly thank you for this fantastic theme.

    I am using wpml on my blog and slider shows posts posts regardless of current language.

    Basically, I want slider to display turkish posts on turkish interface and english posts on english interface. –> turkish –> english

    If you could give me some idea about how to manage that, that would be great!

    Thank you..


    Syahir Hakim


    Try opening up the theme’s functions.php file and navigate to line 951. After this line:

    'order' => 'DESC',

    add the following line:

    'suppress_filters' => 0,

    And then do the same thing for line 959.

    If this works, I’ll add the change to the next version.



    It worked, thank you so much for quick help, Syhair..

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