Moving Social Media Links From Top Bar to Header

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    I want to move the social media icons/links from the top bar to the header but can’t figure out how. Right now they are positioned just right (click the link above) but still attached to the top bar and when I hide the top bar the icons disappear (obviously). How do I get them from the top bar to the header in the same location they are now?



    Did you get if resolved? Social icons are appearing above the header image here.



    They appear above the header but they’re still attached to the top bar. When I hide the top bar the icons are hidden also. I want them where they are now as part of the header. Once this is fixed the top bar will be hidden.



    Copy the generated code for social icons and put it in header widget area. Then position it using Custom CSS.



    How do I put it in the header widget area? I tested it out using Firebug and it works but where do I paste the code to change it on the actual website?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Be sure you have header widget area enabled in Graphene Options, and then go to the Widgets pane and insert a text widget into the Graphene header widget area. Paste your code into the text widget.



    That fixed it. Thanks again!

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