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    If I want to move the Share This/social media icons from where there are here

    To say under the HR below the title and on the far right, how would I do this? I don’t like them mixed into the content so much. I’d like them to line up under the HR under the title on the far right side.

    Help appreciated.





    Add to child theme css…

    .add-this-right {
    float: right;
    margin: -6.5em 1em 1em;



    Only problem is it looks different in FF and Safari, I didnt look in IE yet. In Safari it’s all above the HR, and in FF I could use that to tweak it so the like is above the hr and the icons below it which would be perfect really. But how to get it consistent in FF and Safari?

    Wow you and Syahir are the heroes of the day 🙂



    How about this…I”m trying to get rid of the (edit post).

    I added:

    .edit-post {
    display: none
    .post-edit-link {
    display: none

    to the child css but the ( ) still shows up…why if I say display none for the p class edit post?



    lol… (pats himself on back)

    Hmmm… maybe try using px instead of em?? I don’t use Safari.. probably need to get that one. And chrome. How many browsers is acceptable to have??

    Lemme go play and I’ll try to get you a line of code.




    The (edit post) should only show up when you’re logged in as admin. It shouldn’t be available from the user front-end.



    No I know, but it’s just bugging me visually 🙂

    I changed it to px and it’s perfect in FF now…but still off in Safari.

    Haven’t looked in Chrome and IE yet.

    As I see it in FF it’s perfect though..the Like button is just above the HR and the icons just below it. Now…if I could just have it look like that in all browsers 🙂



    It looks the same to me.

    Here is Firefox:

    And here is Explorer:



    Weird, for me in FF the HR goes right between the link and the icons.

    Oh well..maybe I can live with that…maybe it sort of ties them together.

    Thanks 🙂



    No problem. My only other thought would be to use absolute positioning in reference to another, parent element.

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