Moving DIV's around?

  • ronangelo


    I wanted the header and the footer to extend left to right.

    so I placed the <div>’s outside the original container.

    on my “child theme”

    this used to be the original config:






    then I changed into this:






    will there be issues because of this? or is there a more

    recommended way to extend the header and footer through css maybe?

    this is the site i’m building


    Kenneth John Odle


    Which file did you move these around in?



    header.php and footer.php on the graphene-child folder

    sorry if my wording is confusing. what I meant was I rearranged some <div> so they are out of their original “container <div>”.

    would this cause any problem?


    Kenneth John Odle


    If you copied those two files to your child theme folder and made the changes there, then no, there shouldn’t be any problems, because you didn’t hack the theme’s files. The only difficulty will be when you next update the theme, any changes to those files will not be reflected in your child theme.

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