Move slider into static content page?

  • Dakotamay



    First I’ll say thanks for a great theme. Very flexible and clean.

    I would like to know how do I or can I move the slider into the homepage content itself.

    What I mean is I went into wordpress and created a home page. I have set that page as the static homepage. I currently have the slider enabled and above the home page. However, I would like to put the slider inside the homepage below the title.

    Can I do this? Code for this mod would be much appreciated.

    Thanks again for everyones time and input.


    Syahir Hakim


    In your child theme, create an empty functions.php file (if it’s not alraedy there) and insert this code:

    remove_action('graphene_top_content', 'graphene_display_slider');
    remove_action('graphene_bottom_content', 'graphene_display_slider');
    add_action('graphene_before_post_content', 'graphene_display_slider');



    Hey Syahir,

    Thanks so much for the code. It worked but not quite the way I wanted lol. It placed the slider in the page content. But above the title of the page. How would I move it down below the title.

    I should also mention, apologies that I didn’t think to before. I have disabled the actual page title display and placed the title of the site directly on the static page. It’s that page title that I would like the slider to appear below.

    Thanks so much again.



    also of note, since moving the slider. It has mis aligned my photos. They now have white space around them.

    Here is the URL to have a look if you would, to let me know what to fix.

    Thanks again.



    Also one last thing I would like to remove. When on any of the parent pages. The theme displays an excerpt or box below that pages content showing the child pages. I would like to disable that.

    Thanks so much.

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