Move slider below the title of a static homepage

  • Dakotamay


    Hey Syahir,

    Thanks so much for the code from the other post. It worked but not quite the way I wanted lol. It placed the slider in the page content. But above the title of the page. How would I move it down below the title?

    I should also mention, apologies that I didn’t think to before. I have disabled the actual page title display and placed the title of the site directly on the static page as text. It’s that page title that I would like the slider to appear below. Here is the site so you can take a look.

    Thanks so much again.


    Syahir Hakim


    Hurm..that’ll be more tricky. You will need to add a filter to the post’s content itself.



    Thanks for letting me know. How would I go about adding this filter? Where do I find the code to implement this?

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