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    I am working on a website where the owner is very detailed about what he wants. I need to move the slider below the footer, he is using the footer to links to variuious areas of his site rather than navigation menu.

    The site is

    I think if I can manage this then it might look better.

    Thank you in advance



    Also, on this site the length of the widget titles does not match the length of the widget. I have disabled the hover widget to see if it was the issue but it is not, the problem still exists. How can I fix this?



    Oh, Lord what a day, I am so sorry to be bugging you. I have tried this code to remove the title/header from the slider. It works in fire-bug but when I post it into the custom CSS it does not.

    .slider_post_title h2 a, .slider_post h2 a:visited {
    display: none;


    My temporary fix has been to not add a title to the pages I want to show in the slider, but I know there is CSS code that will work

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