Move post navigation? Using Ambrosite next/previous plugin

  • raindance



    I’ve finally got the Ambrosite next/previous plug in working but it required me to copy and use the single.php file and loop.php files to the theme folder per plugin author’s recommendation for it to work.

    It’s working brilliantly but it’s not visually where I want it on the page.

    Anyone know how to move the navigation links down to under the title?

    Or two lines down from the last line of content within the post?

    I want the post navigation links to be a more visual/integral part of the post itself rather than be way up at the top under the breadcrumb links.

    I can truncate them and make them shorter, or, add graphical buttons like I have been wanting to do since the start of this project for this multi page theory. The issue is, can I move that navigation to within the post, but only where there are multiple posts? I wouldn’t want it on a single post page of course.

    Assistance appreciated.



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