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    What do you suggest is the best way to move the main navigation menu, while maintaining future upgrades?

    Say, for instance, I would like to move it above the header image.

    I suppose maybe create an action hook, copy the code from the header.php, use a php widget, and paste it where I would like the menu. Then hide the original via css?

    Or would the css hide both menus?

    Hmm… I’m stumped. Suggestions?


    Syahir Hakim


    I would say use CSS absolute positioning.



    Well, because you took a whole 13 minutes to respond… I tried it this way:

    #header-menu-wrap {
    margin-top: -275px;

    #header {
    margin-top: 50px;

    Works like a charm.

    Thank you SO much for the classes and ids around all the elements! Sure does make customizing a breeze.



    Hey guys. I am trying to move my navi menu from aligned left below the header to aligned right above the header. I’m sure your snippet of code fixes this, but I have NO idea how to implement this.

    Your help would be MUCH appreciated 🙂





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