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  • MrMatt


    Hi everyone!

    Wonder how I can move my footer_menu according to this picture:


    Kenneth John Odle


    Use an action hook widget area. To be honest, that front page is highly customised, so I’m not sure which action hook widget area you should start with.

    You will probably need to expand whatever element you want to put it in and also change the text and link color if it is going on a lighter background.



    The color changes is not an problem. I think I can do that. But I dont know how to move it just a bit up. And I didnt get that with ‘action hook widgets’?

    Expand the elements? What do you mean?



    Alt. if you give me any advice or code or plugin or any idea how to construct the footer_menu as a widget. I can design it, just the structure Im looking after.

    The ‘inline-block’ structure. Currently I can only make the menu go vertical, I want horizontally :p

    If you dont understand, feel free to comment. I will try to explain better



    Correction: If you have any suggestion how to solve a footer menu in a better way, your suggestions are welcome!

    Solved in a way that looks nice e.g border lines, practical, structured and it shows the most of the pages.

    Also located above the footer at a lighter background.

    Someone have any idea, how this can be solved?

    Thanks in advance!



    SOLVED –> Menu in php file footer.php (mothertheme)–> moved below content area –> moved above context area

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