mouseover showes tages before and after parent page in nav bar

  • DragonHead


    In the latest version there is a problem on the home page. If someone places there mouse over the parent page it shows the < strong > tag on ether side of the page name. Please see for example

    Looking for a fixxxx please


    Kenneth John Odle


    That’s because you are using the All in One SEO plugin. It is buggy. Get rid of that plugin and all will be well.

    I deleted your other two posts on this subject.



    Is there a similiar Plugin for All on One SEO? Because it’s really a nice plugin, except that Bug 🙁




    ….it’s really a nice plugin, except that Bug….

    It is not really nice. It is one of the worst SEO plugins listed in WordPress plugin repository.

    Try WordPress SEO by Yoast.

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