more than two level menu does not work for me..

  • paul


    I like the theme, I want to use it on a website that uses graphene, and it migrates rather well. (unfortunately graphene is not responsive)

    So I have a problem with the menu. More than two level gives problems:

    level1 – ok

    level 2 – kind of ok, (i would like it to be foldable)

    level 3 – most of the time it is not clickable

    and when the menu is too long I can scroll down to the lowest items.

    On a mobile device it seem to work ok.

    Thanks for your help,

    Best regards,




    After the 1.6 update I saw the items are clickable now. I’ll change the status to resolved. Thx!

    Alltough I cannot scroll down to the lowest items if the menu is quite long, but I will open a separate thread on this.

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