More than just posts and pages in slider?

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    Hi there,

    Great theme. I’m not really sure if this is possible, but I thought I’d ask.

    I’ve installed a plugin for handling events: Events Manager Extended. It doesn’t store events in posts. Any thoughts on how I might get them in the slider.

    I’ve tried making a post and using a redirect plugin to get the button in the slider to point to the event. It didn’t work.

    I’ve tried messing around with the code given to allow pages to show up in the slider. It didn’t work.

    function graphene_custom_slider_post_type(){
    $post_type = array('post', 'page', 'eme_events_page');
    return $post_type;
    add_filter('graphene_slider_post_type', 'graphene_custom_slider_post_type');

    Thanks for all your help.



    Hello – just in case 😉

    Have you tried the “Graphene post-specific options” and set the slider image to “Custom url” and then pasted the permalink to the post in the “Custom slider image URL” -box underneath?



    You know I didn’t play with the option because I want an events page to show up in the slider. Not just a custom image. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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