More tag now aligns left instead of right?

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    Just checking in, my problem is still not resolved.



    @PTF66, try

    .entry-content .more-link {
    float: right !important;



    On a side note, go to Graphene Options –> Advanced –> Move generated CSS and make sure you haven’t selected I have moved the generated CSS.



    The read more button should be below the sharing tools. Right now it is at the very end of a sentence which shifts everything to the left since the button is not correctly on the right. The button should be down farther. The arrows in the header menu on second page are numbers instead of arrows. Also I getting a error this morning telling me the “wp_footer()” (exactly where does this go?) is missing. I can fix most things, however this si beyond me. My site looks awful. Please help me resolve these issues.



    Just checked, I have not checked the move generated CSS.

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