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    I’m including in my post <!–more–> tag, and text is cut off, but there is no “continue reading” link. It have to be design problem, becouse when I change design to basic wordpress design, it works fine.



    URL of your site?



    Kenneth John Odle


    Which post did you use it on, and where in the post did you enter it?

    I tried entering this in both the html editor and the visual editor, and it doesn’t work if you are using a static front page. If you are operating Graphene as just a regular blog, then it works both on the front page and in the slider.

    You can see it function here: I inserted it right after the text “Quisque tempus”. But no, it doesn’t work when using a static front page.

    I haven’t tried this with a custom excerpt, however.



    Well its first post visible. Tag is inserted just after words “Oto one:”.

    On your test webpage it works fine in slider, but not working as it should work after the sticky post. Text is cut off and no Continue Reading button…

    But as I said before, when if I change theme to “Twenty Ten” for instance, links “continue reading” appears



    Well its first post visible. Tag is inserted just after words “Oto one:”.

    I don’t think so. It is working fine on your two posts below it. And I don’t see any code calling the more tag anywhere in your first (top) post.

    Go back, insert the more link (make sure you click “update”) and I’ll check it again.

    EDIT: Okay, I see now what you mean about the text. Are you inserting it the same way as in your bottom posts?



    Bottom posts not contains <!–more–> tag at all, those are cut off automatically. So first post is

    and for instance second one

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