Modifying the way page links appear using the "nextpage" feature

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    I’m very new to these forums. Please excuse me if I haven’t caught on to posting in the right place. I’ve searched for info, but haven’t found this item reported.

    I’m using <!--nextpage--> to break up longer posts into pages.

    The problem is, I don’t like how the page numbers are formatted or how they appear in the template.

    Right now, I’m just tackling the CSS. I found the page numbers are wrapped in a DIV with the class “link-pages”. I found the .link-pages line in style.css and attempted to modify it, but nothing I do has any effect.

    I’ve created a child theme and copied the .link-pages definition into THAT style sheet, then tried to modify it from there. I’ve also tried using a first-child pseudo-class definition to modify the paragraph tag nested inside the DIV. All to no avail. Nothing changes the appearance of the page numbers whatsoever.

    I used to be pretty good with CSS, but I’ve been out of the game for a while, so my knowledge is behind the times.

    I also want to make changes to where in the template the page numbers appear, but I figure a simple style change is easier and … baby steps.

    Here is how I have “link-pages” defined in my style sheet:

    .link-pages {
    clear: both;
    font: normal 14px "Courier New";

    Any help you could give would be much appreciated.




    Oops! I figured this one out. I was seriously over-complicating things. I’ve fixed my problem using “.link-pages p” rather than just “.link-pages.”

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