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    Love Graphene and somewhat proficient in it’s use. I’m setting up a site now which is the first one that definitely requires mobile access.

    Been reading up a bit on all of this, trying to learn. My question is a basic one. It appears that the functionality of the Graphene Mobile Neo allows you to do the same thing that a mobile app would do, however from the server and not on the mobile device. Am I correct with this assumption?

    Also, by doing so I assume it doesn’t matter the platform of the receiving device.

    Wasn’t sure where to put this but figured general discussion would be a start.

    Thanks in advance!



    Dear BigBlueMan,

    In brief, yes and no. As a Virtual Realty Consultant (Sr. Web Designer/Developer since 2002), I too was confused by the differences and similarities between Adaptive/Mobile/Responsive Web sites and Mobile Apps. However, after working with WordPress for several years, currently 3.9, and Graphene Mobile Neo it is easy to see that both offer some mutually exclusive benefits..

    It really depends on your business and weather you prefer a fast dime or a slow dollar. In most cases, however, the smart money is on responsive design for it’s low maintenance and enterprise level metrics:

    Responsive Web Design vs. Mobile Web App: What’s Best for Your Enterprise?

    Apps, Mobile Sites, or Responsive Design? What’s Right for Your Institution?

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance and I welcome any comments, concerns, or questions you may have BigBlueMan.

    Heather & Cory Buford

    Toledo Neighborhood Block Watch Chairs & Sector 6 Leaders

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