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    I was looking for some ideas on how I can make the menu appear a little better on the mobile theme. My menu from the site does not seem to translate real well onto the mobile theme. It takes up a couple lines on my iPhone 3gs and I would like to make it look a little cleaner. Is there a way I can design the menu choices a little better on my mobile theme so it looks a little cleaner?

    In addition, I have sub menu choices from the main menu. When a menu item that contains a sub menu item is chosen it also takes up a lot of space and I must hit the Home key to get the sub menu items to disappear from the screen. Should the top menu item work like a toggle switch? Should the sub menu items disappear if the top menu item is pressed a second time?

    I can live with the way it works now. I was hoping someone may have some good ideas on how to clean it up a little bit. To see what I mean you can take a look at my site at

    Thanks for your help.



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