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  • Skivey


    With the new google rules coming into effect from today, I wanted to ask a couple of questions.

    Seeing as I cannot post in the NEO or mobile forums I am placing it here (hope thats ok)

    1: Is there any screenshots of what the theme looks like?

    2: will it use a lot of what I have already programmed graphene to do? or will it be a fresh start?

    3: Can I use 1 license for all of my sites or will I need a separate one for each website

    Kind regards



    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Matt,

    1. You can see a live demo of the theme here:

    2. If you have added any custom feature for Graphene, you will need to port over those features for Neo if you want the features to be available in Neo as well.

    3. You can use 1 licence on all the websites that you own.



    Brilliant thanks for the response.

    You sold it to me 🙂

    Ill be back for help I’m sure hehe 😀


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