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  • ninna


    I use WPtouch plugin that can be mobile friendly, but I think it look less than the maximum. I would like to ask what the different between mobile graphene moblie neo and the free version? thx


    Syahir Hakim


    Which free version? The standard Graphene theme?



    I guess standard mobile free version.



    I plan to buy a mobile neo graphene, I was wondering if it good for adsense? adsense usually in the sidebar does not appear when I use in mobile plugin , if there are other alternatives to bring adsense?


    Syahir Hakim


    Graphene Mobile Neo has its own widget areas that you can use to place your Adsense Ads. It even has the Action Hooks Widget Areas for you to place the ad virtually anywhere in the theme.



    Thanks for your info but I would like to ask If it is responsive? how about the speed?



    hallo Syahir I just want to know what the different between graphene mobile neo vs graphene mobile and what do you think the best for my website need? Should I choose mobile neo or just mobile.Right now I need a responsive mobile theme and I can put some adsense code on it.




    Hi Keneth, I have website with Graphene Theme and I put some Google Adsense code inside it in ‘adsense option‘. I already made a purchase Mobile Neo theme. My question is how to put Google Adsense code same exactly with desktop theme?


    Kenneth John Odle

    My question is how to put Google Adsense code same exactly with desktop theme?

    It will not be exactly the same, as it is the mobile version.

    Graphene Neo is not responsive, so you will need to go to Google and get code for mobile ads, and then add that code to one of Neo’s action hook widget areas.

    See this thread for more information about Google AdSense for mobile:

    and see this post for information about Graphene action hook widget areas:

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