Mobile Neo not displaying in Chrome

  • mfavreau



    I’ve just discovered that my site does not display properly in Chrome on Samsung phones (2), one brand new. My old phone continues to display properly in Chrome. It works in Firefox on the Samsung, so its not the device.

    I’m very satisfied with the theme, layout etc otherwise, but this is costly. Please help.



    Ok, I can add two pieces of information. First, it did not work last evening on an iPhone, so this is added to the issue.

    But second, I just deactivated and reactivated the theme switcher. The result is that mobile Chrome is now displaying properly.

    I will test on an Apple device a little later and report back.



    I can now confirm that mobile Safari is now displaying properly as well. I will personally “reboot” the theme switcher once a week to ensure this doesn’t occur again, and recommend that ALL Neo users do the same.

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