mobile neo is activatet for Screen???

  • sabines


    I am sure that i dont have activate the mobile neo theme als main theme!!!!

    During i am working i recogniced, that now i have graphene neo theme as main theme.

    There is no possibility to change the main theme to the old sreen theme? I can not activate now my old theme for sreens.

    What can i do???


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Sabines,

    You should not activate the Graphene Mobile Neo theme. Using a non-mobile device (e.g. laptop or PC or Mac), follow these steps and you should be able to set it up properly:

    1. Activate your previous desktop theme (WP Admin > Appearance > Themes)

    2. Activate the Graphene Mobile Neo Helper plugin (WP Admin > Plugins)

    3. Follow on-screen instructions, if any.

    That’s it! If you’re still having issues, we do provide free installation service for you, so just let me know if you need that.




    thank you very much, for your answer, but i know that i dont have to activate Graphene Mobile Neo in (WP Admin > Appearance > Themes)!!!

    I use for the screen layout a old version from graphene, which i have modified, colors … menue …

    It works very fine since years so i thought best choose to add your mobile theme.

    I think the problem ist the plugin:Any Mobile Theme Switcher

    If i activate your plugin: Graphene Mobile Neo Helper all is fine, but i dont have a possibility to configurate the mobile device.

    1.At first today play back the old version, bevor activate new theme and plugin.

    2. I made 3 steps, how you wrote.

    3. I cannot the any possiblity to activate mobile device.

    if i am activate the Any Mobile Theme Switcher and try to activate the different Themes For Devices …. android and iphone… and so on for Graphene Mobile Neo theme, then i lost the main theme your old graphene desktop screen.

    Its not funny ….. ; ((

    ….have you any other advice.

    Best Whises from germany



    ….. the problem is:

    if i activate iPhone/iPod Touch Theme: in the Any Mobile Theme Switcher

    after i lost the main theme for sreen!

    is there advice


    Syahir Hakim



    I’ve sent you an email regarding the free installation service that we provide for Graphene Mobile Neo. We’ll take care of the installation and configuration for you.



    Thank you very much for your offer for free installation service.

    At the moment the theme Graphene Mobile Neo works fine with the plugin mobile smart.

    At the moment it seems the plugin Any Mobile Theme Switcher was the problem.


    Good Morning. I’ve been using Graphine for years and just installed NEO, but can’t get it to do anything and cant find the helper?



    Kenneth John Odle


    Please start your own thread with this issue.



    My advice:

    I now use a completely new responsive theme,

    I think this is the better choice !.

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