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    As a newbie to CSS, I’ve spent a couple of months getting my website to where I want it to be, appearance wise. Now I’m busy adding content. It was always my intention to invest in Mobile Neo, but I was thinking of doing so after I had the majority of content loaded so I could divide my time between learning the CSS for Neo and adding the rest of my website content.

    Unfortunately, I’ve had a look at my website on mobile and the styling is a bit up the spout. Given this I’m wondering if my original plan (of buying Neo later) is valid. I’m thinking that investing in Neo now might be the go. However.. I’m wondering how much new CSS is involved, and how much time that is going to take away from uploading content.

    So my question is…. How much CSS is involved in implemeting NEO? Can I just, more or less, map across what I have, or is there more to it? I suspect that the answer may well be ” How long is a piece of string?”, but I’m willing to ask anyhow.


    Sharon 🙂

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