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    I just came across this error where sidebar and bottom widgets are missing only on certain pages. For example, it is missing http://sanuja.com/blog/exams and http://sanuja.com/blog/exams/glgy341-final but not here; http://sanuja.com/blog/exams/glgy449 (or any other page).

    How can I fix this problem?

    Thank you for your advice.



    Any idea? Sorry I couldn’t figure it out yet.



    Try this:

    Appearance > Widgets > Check every widgets “Visibility” settings

    But I think it’s the following:

    I just noticed that your footer is missing on the pages where your widgets are not being displayed. That might be the issue here. Did you change any files before you noticed the issue? Disable all plugins to see if the issue is still there. If not then you gotta activate each plugin one by one and keep checking which one is causing the problem.


    Kenneth John Odle


    The key is http://sanuja.com/blog/exams/glgy341-final

    There is something on that page that is causing it not to render properly. The last few lines that do render are:

    2) Structural Geology by Haakon Fossen 3) STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY OF ROCKS AND REGIONS: ISBN978-0-471-15231-6

    Read more: http://sanuja.com/blog/exams/glgy341-final

    Whatever the problem is, it is also affecting the excerpt, and any page the excerpt shows up on, such as http://sanuja.com/blog/exams



    Hi Ken,

    What do you mean by excerpt? Sorry if this is a dumb question. I am still troubleshooting this problem.



    Update: It seems like some code I typed within the page is causing this. Thanks for the advice. Now I know what you mean by “excerpt”.

    All the best!



    Figured it out. A single [ I typed by accident caused the whole issue! WOW. Just shows how coding can be pain the **** 🙂

    And it was in the middle of the page not at the end. That’s what make it so hard to figure this out!

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