Missing buttons for posts (ie Bold/Font etc)

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    I’ve recently noticed i’ve lost buttons on the post options.

    When i create a new post or editing i’ve realised i do not have the options for bold/colour/header size etc (the whole row is missing)

    Any help is appreciated as i really need them!

    Thank you.



    Deactivate all plugins and try again.

    Try in a different browser/system



    Or go to your user account via the admin panel.. and toward the top make sure “Disable Visual Editor” is NOT checked.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Also, make sure you have not turned off the Kitchen Sink. (Seriously…that’s what it’s called.)



    LOL.. I know Josh got too many questions on his forum about second row is not showing in the editor. Kitchen Sink! 🙂



    Ok checked the Disable Visual Editor, thats not clicked.

    Where do i find the kitchen sink?


    Where do i find the kitchen sink?

    Kitchen Sink,


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