Meta/Archive Widgets showing up twice on pages???

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    My site is The problem I am having is the meta/archives widgets are appearing on pages after you click into a story link. The only page that it is okay on is the front page. I go in to the widget settings on my dashboard and select the meta and archive to only appear on the sidebar front page, but it still somehow ends up on the other pages. How is this happening?



    I should also add that I am running a three column setup. I place I keep placing my ‘Tubepress’ widget in the Front Page Sidebar Widget Area because I only want that on the front page on the right side. I also placed my text sponsor widget, archives and meta in the Front Page Sidebar Two Widget Area because I only want that on the front page on the left side.

    Now, the problem I am faced is that even when I try and leave no widgets in Sidebar Widget Area and Sidebar Two Widget Area, meta and archives still show up in the left column and right column on my article pages. Is it not possible to only make the front page a three column setup and the other pages a one column setup?

    The only way I can seem to get rid of the archives and meta widgets on the other pages is to add other widgets needlessly to replace them instead. However, I don’t want a three column setup after you click in to an article page. I want one column with more room. Is this possible???



    I can’t really use a static page with the way my site is set up by showing the latest posts, and not to mention the fact that the topics of interest are linked through category links rather than pages, so messing about with page templates will do me no good.



    They are default widgets. Drag them to Inactive widgets to disable them.

    Hmm.. I don’t really understand your problem..



    I want a 3 column setup for my front page only with certain widgets applied. On the rest of the site I only want a one column setup with no widgets or sidebars. However, the way my site is set up I want it to display new posts like a blog, and a static front page will not do that.

    I have tried before to make widgets inactive except only for the front page sidebars but archives and meta will continuously show up on other pages in the two sidebars. The only way to get rid of them is to drop a widget in place of them.

    So in conclusion, I want 3 columns on front page, 1 full column on all other pages…



    Kenneth John Odle


    a static front page will not do that

    Yes, it will, if you enabled Graphene’s homepage panes option.



    Yes, but won’t it no longer post normally with the slider and latest posts shown below?


    Kenneth John Odle


    See my blog, or Prasanna’s. We both use a slider with homepage pages.

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