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    Syahir Hakim


    To completely disable the theme’s feature that modifies the site title, add this to your child theme’s functions.php file:

    * Disable the theme's title modification feature
    function my_remove_filter(){
    remove_filter( 'wp_title', 'graphene_title' );
    add_action( 'init', 'my_remove_filter' );



    I fixed this just a few moments ago without haxxoring the code nor shutting down All in One SEO.

    Graphene v1.7

    All in One SEO v1.6.14.3

    Appearance to

    Graphene theme options to

    Display options to

    Miscellaneous Display Options to

    Custom content pages site title.

    If left blank it *defaults* to #post-title » #site-name

    To this All in One SEO adds | %site-name% so you get: Blog Post Title » Fancy Site Name | Fancy Site Name

    Instead of blank just have: #post-title

    Now you get: Blog Post Title | Fancy Site Name


    Kenneth John Odle


    This can be achieved using Graphene’s settings and not using that buggy plugin.

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