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    Where do I enter the meta description for my site? Is there a place to do this in either the wordpress options or the graphene theme options?? Couldn’t find it….

    Right now when i search my site in google, the description beside my website name is “just another wordpress site”…i want remove this and add my own description….i’m assuming this is done by adding a meta description…




    META support has been removed as default in wordpress installations. There is a lot of controversy right now regarding META tags and their affect on SEO.

    Give this page a read… towards the bottom it explains how to add it back into your site.




    I’m not so much concerned about its affect on SEO…..its that I don’t like the phrase “just another wordpress site” as my site description in google….how do i change this?? Meta description??



    Give this plugin a try. It may be a little overkill if your intention is to just add one meta description.

    However, it will give you many possibilities in the future.


    Kenneth John Odle


    That is your site description. Go to Settings >> General and type something in the box marked “tagline”.



    Ken, I just want to clarify….

    For example, if I google Sony….the first search result is….and the description of the site is “View the wide world of Sony: electronic products, people…..etc.”. This is always the same description for the Sony website.

    So…if I put a description in the tagline….when my website main homepage is displayed in google search results….will the tagline that I use always be my website description??

    The only reason why I ask this is because i actually changed the tagline a few weeks back…but it is not showing it for my website description in google. Instead it is taking the text from one of my posts and displaying it under my site name.


    Kenneth John Odle


    will the tagline that I use always be my website description

    This is almost entirely beyond your control, despite what SEO gurus claim they can do. What a search engine decides to show about your site on their web page is entirely up to them. Some of them will take the description from a META “desc” tag, but not all of them, and those that do will not necessarily do it consistently across your site.

    Just another reason I think SEO is over-hyped. Good structure, good content, good community — those are the keys to building a successful web presence.




    Can you recommend a simple way of implementing a meta description for my main index/home page of my website?



    While I certainly agree with Ken, the plugin mentioned above will help you with this, if it is a concern to you.

    Here is a screenshot, which is available in every post/page editor screen.



    Thanks for the information Josh….you say this is available in every post and page editor screen. I would want to use this on my home page….but obviously when you click on your page editor in wordpress….you see all the pages you have created except for your homepage. Is there still a way to apply the screenshot above to just the website home page?

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