Messed up the code using the editor in design – help!

  • mswredenfors


    Am new to this but think this is the best theme. Very happy with the way it looks but I accidently deleted some of the code in the editor section (on the header option). Now the page has gone wonky and is aligned to the left. How do I retrieve the original code to put everything back to the original look?


    Syahir Hakim


    You can find all of the theme’s original files here:



    Download a fresh copy of the Graphene theme from and extract the contents. Then replace corrupted code / file with the new one taken from the above directory. Or, if you’ve done too many mistakes in the theme, you can reinstall it.

    PS: Please add a backlink to your site.



    Yeah! I assumed that you’re using the latest version of Graphene theme. For older versions or for a specific file, you can svn as Syahir said..



    Thanks for your quick reply. I am utterly new to this and trying to teach myself so I am still a bit confused. I have been given this link to find the original code but I have no idea which one is the header one!

    Have viewed over 600 themes and really love this one so don’t want to have to stop using it through my own mistakes.

    Here is a link to my site – it is pretty apparent what has gone wrong…



    Replace the content of your header.php file with this –



    Perfect! Thank you. I will really promote this theme. Thanks again.



    Written too soon! Um – the home page looks great but on every other page there is a load of code at the top – how do I get rid of this?



    Try disabling that background image plugin. I strongly suspect that, this plugin is the culprit..



    Had a look at the plugins – can’t see one called that. This text only appeared when I started playing with the header code (I was trying to put in a scrolling marqueue). Sorry to keep asking questions! You are a great help.

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