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    Whenever I go to menu’s, add page to menu, update it just refresh’s the page and the menu items I’ve added go back into the page list. I do have a current menu, it just appears that I cannot add anything else. This was also working just fine until I recently added another page (website + page I’m trying to add to header).



    Did you make sure under “Theme Locations” you have the Header set to whatever you named your Custom Menu?

    Go to and make sure



    Thank you Buster but no this is not the fix…

    Basically if I try to add pages, click save, it won’t saved the additional pages.

    No idea why, this only happened the other night.



    still testing

    If I don’t use a menu and just let the pages build the menu, that works fine. However I need to use some custom pages (#) for the non-click purposes.

    Any more idea’s what may cause this? It’s almost as if the menu has a finite amount of pages it can contain…if i add anything on top of it it either doesnt add OR suplants something else already in the menu



    If it does add a page at the end, it always adds it as a # custom page.



    I’ve restored my entire website and all the menu’s worked…for a time

    then the same issue returned. I’ve tried deactivating all my plugins and the same thing continued.


    Syahir Hakim


    How many items do you have in your menu?



    17 for ALL items (ie headings, sub headings and articles).

    this may be a server issue

    I’m going to email my host and see if that works



    Thank you all for the responses

    This was a server issue, my host has resolved the issue. If anyone else experiences this I suggest contacting your host also.

    The issue is explored in detail here



    Thank you Syahir for your personal interest to, your theme is the best.

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