Menus in wrong order?

  • jerryhundley02


    I have my menus in the order that I want them in the menu structures editing tab. They are not showing up in that order on my site. They are in alphabetical order. I have read about this problem a few years ago but I thought this has been fixed? I am now having the same issue?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Are you running updated versions of WordPress and Graphene? Do you have any plugins installed that affect menus? Have you disabled plugins temporarily to rule out a plugin issue? Did you make sure to click the “Save Menu” button? (I do that with menus, for some reason.)



    I have the latest versions. I just downloaded them last week. I tried disabling all plugins temporarily. Nothing changed. I also clicked the save menu button to no prevail.

    Im at a loss here.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Link to site?

    How long has this been happening? What changes did you make (if any) just before it happened?



    Site is still under construction as I am just starting it. This has happened since the first time I made the menu. I don’t recall any major changes I have made before it happened as I haven’t done a whole lot to the page yet.

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