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    Firstly many thanks for such a great theme. I love how easy it is to customise it!

    My website is and I use it primarily for adding new walking routes for families.

    When I first started it up I used the default graphene menu and added new walking routes as new pages, using the parent/child page system to categorise them under regions. I now realise this wasn’t so sensible and it would have been better to write each walk as a post then categorise it to a region. I could also then cross-reference a walk in more than one place. Eg. list it under a region and under a new ‘National Park walks’ category for instance.

    I have a plugin which converts pages to posts so can transfer all my past walks to posts with one click – easy.

    My problem is that when I do this and put them under a category, I will lose the content and appearance I currently have and love. e.g. If you click on ‘Walks’ and then ‘London Walks’ atm, I have some background info on walking in London and some useful links and then my walk sub pages are shown as pretty excerpts below the content box. I really love this set-up.

    So…is there a way of having content on a category page, rather than just using it as a navigation tool and can I somehow maintain the nice presentation of the sub-posts as they appear now?

    Any suggestions gratefully received. My coding knowledge is fairly limited to basics but I can follow instructions and figure out quite a bit with pointers.

    Many thanks!


    Syahir Hakim


    You can insert description for each category, then this description will show up at the top of the category archive page. Below that, the posts (or walks, as in your site) that belong to that category will be listed. This is the easiest way, though it is pretty limiting (e.g. no full WYSIWYG support for the description).

    Or, you can keep the current page structure, and just use the Post Tags and Categories for Pages plugin.

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