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  • John McCubbin


    I wasn’t really taking it personally I just thought it was a bit out of the blue saying (even though i’ve been helped now) that your closing the thread not letting anyone else have the chance to help. Plus what rules have i not followed and I thought it was customary on forums not to use block capitals as it shows a need to shout which appears aggressive.

    I appreciate all the help offered here and thats why I try to help others if I feel i know the answer to help them. I don’t need much help anymore but I just ask incase there is something someone else know that I don’t. I understand the frustration but I cant leave a broken menu on indefinably.

    In case you were wondering before I took ronangelo’s advice



    Kenneth John Odle

    Plus what rules have i not followed

    The forum rules are here:

    Please note:

    Explain what problem are you having

    Simply saying something doesn’t work is not enough. Explain in what way doesn’t it work, and if there’s any error messages, etc. Also, always include the URL to the relevant website/webpage.

    (Italics are mine.)

    Also, posting a URL to a site that is in maintenance mode does no good whatsoever, as we still can’t see the issue. Sometimes you have to live with the ugly for a while. Either that, or only use the options (which are numerous) that Graphene provides “out of the box”.

    It is useful to set up a test area or sandbox to try out new things and get the kinks worked out of them before applying them to your regular site. You can see mine here:

    John McCubbin


    I apologized about that before he said about the rule (and I don’t feel i’ve broken anyothers) and I don’t have the time the now to make a test site. I understand the hindrance in helping me this causes but all I was saying is that it could have been said a bit politer. I have been helped now so I will leave it at that and thanks

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