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    Hi, I’m currently planning a new site using Graphine, I have 3 others. If all goes well it will have a lot of pages so I’m trying to work out the best way, using menus, to access and display them.

    I think something like an alphabetical index which this site uses might work I know there are plenty of plugins out there but which one? Any recommendations would be welcome.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Well, that page isn’t really a menu, just an alphabetical listing. It would be difficult (read: impossible) to incorporate that many items into a menu.

    However, if you wanted more than just a list of pages, such as a list of links to pages but also information about those links, you could incorporate that information into a table and then use the Tablesorter plugin for jQuery:

    I’ve used it before; it’s pretty handy (and cool) when used in the right place.



    Thanks Kenneth, that sounds good, I’ll have a look at it.

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