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    Let me start by saying awesome theme. Thank you very, very much. I am using your theme at the link in my signature and recently ran into 2 small problems.

    1) I created a description on the navigation menu (did not make a custom menu), but for some reason, the “About Us” page lacks a description. I created “Who We Are” as the description but it does not show up when the navigation for every other page works perfectly. Any ideas?

    2) The title on the navigation includes html mark-up. If you roll your mouse over any of the main pages in the header navigation (Home, About Us, Interview Questions, etc.), you will see HTML markup or <p>.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for the awesome theme!


    Kenneth John Odle


    You really should use a custom menu. It’s more fun, and it gives you lots of control over your menus. It’s awesome.

    Did you see this post?

    or this one?

    You are now the second person to see this. I am wondering if this is some sort of bug or compatibility issue. Anyone else seeing this on their blog? Which plugins are you using?



    What’s strange is my site doesn’t do this… even though I’ve performed all the updates like everyone else?!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Cool site, BTW. Lots of useful information. Bookmarked.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Mine, either, which is why I’m thinking it’s some kind of plugin compatibility issue. (Possibly between the plugin and WP.)



    I’ll keep this in mind, and keep a plugin list for cross-referencing.

    @ mjd081,

    Please list your plugins here for us to see. Thanks!



    Hey guys, thanks a lot for the help. I’m using a bunch of different plugins, but it just started a few days ago. I haven’t downloaded any new plugins lately, but I did update the theme as well as a few plugins (can’t remember exactly which ones unfortunately). Pretty odd issue, huh?



    Well, you’re the second person to have this issue. I’m trying to replicate it on my test site, unsuccessfully.

    Would you please take the time to list all your active plugins here for us?



    Sure Josh, not a problem. Plugins are as follows:

    404 Redirected

    Adsense Optimizer

    All-in-one SEO

    Contact Form 7

    Degree 3 Q&A

    Do Follow

    Exclude Pages from Navigation

    Google XML Sitemaps

    IGIT Related Post with Thumb


    Limit Login Attempts

    Quick Cache

    SEO Smart Links

    SexyBookmarks (by shareaholic)

    Spam Free WordPress


    I think you can eliminate KeywordLuv, as that had to be manually uploaded via FTP and has never been updated (I have had it for about 2 weeks now and the problem just started a few days ago).




    Noted. Thank you. I’ll advise on this thread as I note similarities.

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