Menu.php Warning messages when attempting upgrade from v1.9.4

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    I’ve (finally) decided upgrade from Graphene 1.9.4.x to Graphene 2.5.3 and I’m running into a problem that I’ve had whenever I’ve attempted the upgrade. I use Ubermenu on my live site– it works perfectly with v1.9.4.3. My site pages are set up with a right side vertical menu, with one main Ubermenu in place that has horizontal fly-out submenus.

    When I activate v2.5.3 or any previous versions of v2, I run into the same problem: I initially get a request at the top of the right column from Ubermenu asking me to activate the menu for that space. When I do that and return to the main page, or any other page, I wind up with repeated warnings where the menu should be — 104 of them:

    “Warning: Missing argument 3 for graphene_nav_menu_css_class() in D:\EasyPHP-Devserver-17\eds-www\lsl\wp-content\themes\graphenenew\inc\menus.php on line 23”

    However, at the bottom of the long list of warnings the properly working Ubermenu appears, fully functional including all the fly-out submenus, as well as any other page specific or topic specific menus (non-Ubermenu) that I’ve put in place.

    I could understand there being the long column of warnings and *no* properly working Ubermenu under it but why would I get the warnings and then the functional menu below them when the warnings? I’m assuming that the warnings are specifically about that working menu. Perhaps the warnings aren’t related to the Ubermenu?

    I need to resolve this in order to keep using the Graphene theme, which I’ve used since 2012. So I’d greatly appreciate any help, information, or suggestions that you can provide.




    A followup on this: I tried changing the menu assigned to the Ubermenu integration from the main menu to another one (actually I tried several). The same warning message appeared in the same place, only with fewer warning message instances. The menu that I chose as the Ubermenu showed up at the bottom of the warnings, exactly as the main menu in my previous post. So there is a definite connection. But why would the warnings appear as well as the functioning menu?

    As an experiment I changed my EasyPhp from php 5.6.30 to php 7.13 and ran into an error message that came up immediately when I tried to load the site — I couldn’t get around it. I’m not sure if it’s actually related to the warnings in my original post, but it sounds similar so I thought it might be worth something:
    ArgumentCountError thrown
    Too few arguments to function graphene_nav_menu_css_class(), 2 passed in D:\EasyPHP-Devserver-17\eds-www\lsl\wp-includes\class-wp-hook.php on line 286 and exactly 3 expected
    As soon as I switched back to php 5.6.30 the site would load again but with the original warning messages in the right column.


    Syahir Hakim


    Which WordPress version is your site running on? Also, please use the latest version of Graphene, which is 2.6 instead of 2.5.3.



    Sorry, I should have include the WP version number. It’s v5.1. I just downloaded Graphene 2.6 but haven’t yet installed it.


    Syahir Hakim


    Does the error occur only when Ubermenu plugin is activated? Try deactivating it and see if it’s still there.



    Just updated to Graphene 2.6 and the error is still there. Yes, only when Ubermenu is activated.


    Syahir Hakim


    This is likely due to the Ubermenu plugin implementing the code for nav_menu_css_class with only 2 arguments. As of WordPress 4.1 and above, the filter should take 4 arguments.

    Try contacting the plugin’s support and refer them to the above comment.



    I gave up on Ubermenu — trying to upgrade it from v2 to v3.? was a nightmare because I had so much custom css in it — not just colors, etc, but margins to align the mega menu submenus, directions of submenus in relation to the main vertical menu, all kinds of things. Plus, I couldn’t really separate the Ubermenu css from custom Graphene css that I had done, which was considerable.

    So, I gave up. I upgraded to Graphene Plus and switched the menu to WP Mega Menu, which for the most part works great — have to do some tweaking still, but I’ve only had one problem where I had to contact the developer, and he gave me a very quick css workaround for that.

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