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  • Patricia Huntsman


    In the pages tab it says I have 1 page. On menu in ‘view all’ 2 pages exist and on the blog itself I have 2 pages, Home and Home Sample? When I delete both pages to start again a page called Home still shows up. Where is this phantom “Home” page that hides itself and how can I access it please. Thank you!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Do you have static home page turned on?

    There is nothing at Is there another place we should be looking for your site?

    Are you using any plugins? Have you made any modifications to theme files?

    Patricia Huntsman


    Thanks so much for trying to help! It all began by trying to create a static front page … where/how do I go to do that please?

    and here …

    I have recreated Pat’s in my own dummy site … sorry that was misleading. I see 2 pages on the site but can only find one to edit!



    Kenneth John Odle


    Static front page:

    You first have to create two pages.

    One is going to be the front page that visitors first see when they visit your site. You can edit this page however you want.

    The other is the one that’s actually going to look like a blog. Add nothing to this page.

    Once you have those created, go to Settings >> Reading

    Adjust these fields:

    More detailed instructions are here:

    I see one page and one post on your site:

    The page:

    The post:

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