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    Im using graphene 1.8 and when i view on iphone or ipad i can not tap menus and have the secondary menu display. how ca I get this to work? I do not want to use mobile theme at this time because the site looks fine as is on mobile. I just want visitors to be able to tap on menu to display secondary menu. please help.


    Syahir Hakim


    If the top-level menu item links to somewhere, the link will be opened when it is tapped. To remove the link on the top-level menu, use “Custom” menu item with a generic link (like “#”), then remove the link after you have added the custom menu item.



    Thats the issue. Most of my top menu doesnt lead anywhere. when Im on a desktop I hover the mouse over the top level and it drops down.

    for example my first item on top level is custom and labeled GAMES – drops down to show secondary level that shows Regular season, playoffs, etc. how am I able to get the top level to drop down on iphone when tapped? Im not sure if I am making sense.


    Syahir Hakim


    What’s the URL to your site?





    It works fine in my Android. Did you try tapping on a drop down menu in a different site from your iPhone/iPad?




    I have tried to on other sites and have been successful



    I got this to work. I just put # sign in custom link and it works fine now. Thanks for help.

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