Menu item is shown as page title – how to switch off

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    Times ago there was a menu item to switch on and off the function to show the menu item as a title of a page. This was quite good because you see in which part of the menu you are when the page is open.

    But now I use calendar-eventv plugin. If you click at an event or click on show all event a new page appear, which has no title, of cause, there is no title because the page is not in the menu. BUT the head of this page is now “(Now Title)” .

    look here:

    Now I want to switch off this function… but I can’t find it any more! The admin pages don’t give me the chance to switch off this function.

    If I go to Design-Header I only can manage the header image – no more possible in this new pre-view view.

    What can I do?

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