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    Hello all right, I’m new to forum and I loved this theme, however I can not solve a problem I could not tell whether it was error or missed something to configure.

    my site is

    Like going to the extent that it appears the page titles, give notice that is not eligible to read the title of the page but if you place the mouse pointer over the error comes out.

    That is not how to read a few titles have

    Colors that appear light blue, light orange, pink, white.

    I wish it were all one color uniform and going down to read.

    Thanks so far.


    Kenneth John Odle


    The background for the header menu is being pulled from a sprite image.

    You are seeing multiple colors because the the header menu is really intended only to be one line long. You have so many pages added to it that it is extending to multiple lines, and thus is pulling in the rest of the sprite image file.

    You can read more about sprites here:

    There are two (maybe three) options you could try:

    1) Use a custom menu to include only the most important pages in the header menu, organizing some pages into submenus. (To be honest, too many page links at the top just doesn’t look good — it’s too much information all at once for most people.)

    2) Make the header menu text smaller, although you won’t be able to make it small enough to include all these pages.

    3) Create your own sprite image for the menu background, or just use a solid background color instead of a sprite image for the menu background.

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