Menu Headings that are not clickable have vanished

  • ABCDiamond


    On WP 4.6.1 site my drop down menu headings that have no clickable link are not appearing, other than with an arrow down chevron, to link to the sub menus.

    On my 4.5.4 site, I don’t have the same problem.

    It can be seen at this 4.6.1 site, that the last three menus do not appear properly. I have added links to another one, but don’t really want it there, and will remove the link on the header menu item when this is fixed.

    Any ideas?



    Kenneth John Odle


    Have you made any recent changes to your website?

    If not, try disabling all your plugins, flushing your browser and server caches, and reloading the page. Does the problem still exist?

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