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  • loxley


    First, I’m not a programmer or great with code. But I’ve used this theme for one of my sites and have found it to be both easy and great looking.

    I just upgraded to version 1.6 and everything went fine, but the menu bar is now small and listed on the left side. It actually goes under the slider.

    Any non-technical way for me to fix this?

    The url is




    What’s the URL of your site?



    Thanks for getting back to me. It’s



    It looks fine here! Which browser do you use? And, what customizations you want to do to the header menu?



    I was working on it in Crome, but I just opened it in Explorer and it looks fine. I don’t think there was a problem in Crome before. I’ll see if I need to update my version.

    And I don’t need any special customization, I just wanted it to be displayed correctly.

    Thanks for your help.



    It looks fine even in Chromium browser. But, I don’t give the same guarantee about Google Chrome.

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