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    I am almost done with customizing my menu but there is one thing of which i am unable to find where to change it in my css file. I you look at info for example, the 3 items showing when hovering over it have a rectangle background around them. I want that to be blank, so only the rounded corners are shown but after trying to change all possible css elements i haven’t been able to achieve that.

    I am using the custom menu btw. (Appearance -> Menus

    Any ideas are very welcome 🙂


    Not sure if this is/was a support question or not, if not, throw me in the correct section please 🙂



    Are you talking about this? This will take off the background when you hover over.

    #header-menu ul li a {
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;



    I tested it but it’s still there. It’s the background of the 3 menu items i am looking for. As you can see there is some sort of rectangle around them which shows at the rounded edges. That’s what i want transparent somehow.



    Oh I think I see what your talking about. Try this:

    #nav .menu ul {
    box-shadow: none;



    Ooooooh yeah 😀 that’s it, thank you very much!



    Awesome please make topic resolved 🙂 Thanks!

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