Menu button issue + eCommerce question

  • junglesonic


    Hi everyone,

    Firstly, love the theme and am having a great time playing with all the features. Thanks!

    I have a small issue with the navigation buttons. I am getting a line of text under the button previewing the content on the page; i.e. “About” says “Coming Soon…” below the button.

    How do I make this disappear?

    Also, does anyone know how to sell music/sound downloads through wordpress? I’ve looked into some eCommerce plugins but am not sure what’s best. I have hosting so would like to host the sound files on my server and offer a sound preview button and an add to cart function.

    Thanks everyone!



    Kenneth John Odle


    That is the description from your custom menu, if you are using one, or the category description if you are not. (You can read this post to learn more about custom menus.

    Selling music downloads? That’s a new one on me. You can always check out any sites you know of that already sell mp3’s and see what they are using. It might work on WordPress. You can also search Google.

    Good luck and welcome aboard,




    Thanks, great news! I’ve fixed it already. I’ll look into the mp3 player now 🙂

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