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    After seeing Prasanna site i have searched the net to try and find out how he did his menu button colours could someone tell me would this work and if so how do i add it?, if the themes custom css?

    sorry very new trying to make my site better, the menu-item IDs are correct for my site

    #access #menu-item-645 a:hover {background-color:#ffff00;}
    #access #menu-item-840 a:hover {background-color:#339900;}
    #access #menu-item-652 a:hover {background-color:#663300;}
    #access #menu-item-656 a:hover {background-color:#0000ff;}
    #access #menu-item-663 a:hover {background-color:#ff33ff;}

    thank you



    Remove #access



    Thanks, but im stuck again i thought the ID’s was correct but for some reason the drop down menus tabs change colour now on hoover and not the menu tab titles and thats what im after changing when mouse over.

    for example i would have said 840 was correct ID but although i have added 840 as seen above it doesn’t change when hoover but the tab in that menu does?

    any idea please


    <li id="menu-item-840" class="menu-item menu-item-type-post_type menu-item-object-page menu-item-ancestor menu-item-840"><a href=""><center>Bradford Billiards</center></a>
    <ul class="sub-menu">
    <li id="menu-item-843" class="menu-item menu-item-type-post_type menu-item-object-page menu-item-843"><a href="">Moorhouse Sheild</a></li>



    looking at my source would you say my ID’s are correct for second menu items? games leagues and yorkshire league those items i want to try and change not the sub menu items

    I thought i had correct ID’s obviously not please can someone take a look at my source about line 336 thanks

    temp remove for now but the menu sub items did change colour i want to main tab items



    argg so confusing and difficult to understand all these codes, i tested the code below and this change the background using the ID so i know the ID im using above is correct

    But i did notice after doing this the text wasn’t visible it change to white grr

    what im trying to get is different colour second menu items when hover but also the text to change to black when hovered over and help would appreciate it please its really difficult to understand

    thanks all

    #menu-item-645 {
    background: #FFFF00;


    #menu-item-645:hover {
    background: #FFFF00 !important;

    .. simple as that ..





    argg you make it so easy its frustrating to see but unless you know its very hard to find the codes like :hover and important is there a list of these codes sorry i have no idea just would be nice to try and understand a little bit

    appreciate it Prasanna SP really do and i suppose my first post was all wrong then?



    Well, keep experimenting with CSS and you’ll become a CSS Pro soon!

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